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Try phlebotomy training online to speed up the process! Find out more about online phlebotomy classes below!

Most do not know that one can actually attend phlebotomy training online. Online Phlebotomy training can be part of your phlebotomy classes but and available to all aspiring phlebotomists and working healthcare professionals that may be looking to kick start their careers by earning a phlebotomist certification.

Online phlebotomy programs differ from program to program. Also, some states allow students to skip certain sections of phlebotomy classes if they have achieved the minimum amount of work experience. Click the button above to find phlebotomist schools online in just a few clicks.

Can you do 100% of the Phlebotomy Training Online?

Since the training you are receiving is drawing blood from a patient it is imperative that one receives physical training for the job in a practical and clinical setting. So 100% online phlebotomy training is not realistic. But you can do over half of your training online and in some cases much more than that! It can speed up the process by a matter of months!

Online training has never been more mainstream and accepted in the education realm. It could not be a better time to take advantage of online courses!

Options for Phlebotomy Certification Online

Below we go over the different certifications that online programs can get you and how to earn them.

  • Limited Phlebotomy Technician or (LPT) – at least 25 venipuncture procedures successfully, all certified by your instructor.
  • All students who have been working in a health-care related position for a minimum of 6 months are eligible. Online phlebotomy classes are in most situations taken along with your advanced phlebotomy training or upper level courses. National Phlebotomy Certification Exam demands that one must show proof of this previous employment. Along with that, you must have successfully completed a minimum of 50 venipuncture procedures and a minimum of 10 skin exams that are signed off on by a doctor or your instructor.
  • Any and all students who have previously been employed in a health-care related job or position for at least of 6 months are eligible. This is with the end goal becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. All the requirements are the same or similar as stated above above (50 successful venipunctures and 10 successful skin exams). Remember if your state does not require you to have a certification it is still strongly recommended that you still go through process of passing the National Phlebotomy Examination and earn your certification. It is proven to benefit you in the long run.

Online Phlebotomy Training Benefits

Drawing blood from someone is not for everybody. Either are online classes. Make sure you are comfortable in an online learning environment. Even though the cost savings are high with online education and the time savings are tremendous, you still need to be able to learn and pass the courses so make sure it is a good fit for you. Below we show the main benefits of online learning.

Online Phlebotomy Schools

  • Convenient/Flexible Scheduling – Work while you are getting Your training completed.
  • Added School Options – Online classes just add to the options.
  • Study at Your own Pace – Maybe the best advantage for online learning.
  • Lower Cost – With less overhead on school costs they can charge a lower tuition cost.
  • Study Anywhere and Anytime – If you have a laptop you can log in anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Student Centered Education – A simpler more narrowed student focused approach

Disadvantages to Phlebotomy Classes Online

Like we mentioned above online courses are not for everybody. But mostly if you are the type of person who needs to be with a teacher to learn they may not be for you but technology is making that even better for those students with open chat rooms and video conferencing. So check with your perspective schools before you make any decisions!

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Online Phlebotomist Classes

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